High Pressure Cyclonic & Gravity Sand Separators

Sand Separation for Oil & Natural Gas

Mountain Equipment Scorpion Sand Separator Logo Sand traps remove sand and particulates left over after drilling and hydro-fracking, or to remove persistent reservoir sand. We offer both gravity and cyclonic type sand separators. Our classic gravity type sand separators use baffles and gravity to separate sand from the well flow and are well suited for highly variable flow conditions such as gas with occasional slugs of liquid. Cyclonic type sand separators use centrifugal force to separate sand from the well flow and are well suited for flow-back and high volume liquid flow conditions.

5800 psi ASME Sand Trap
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Sand Trap Models & Specifications

Mountain Equipment specializes in 5800 and 10,000 psi sand separators. The sizes of the sand traps are expressed in inches diameter from seam-to-seam. For instance a 20" x 8' sand trap is 20" OD (outside diameter) and eight feet long seam-to-seam; the overall length of the sand trap vessel including the heads is 10' 5" t/t (tip-to-tip). Units can be ordered with different cross-overs to fit your specific rigging requirements. The skid is a heavy duty oilfield type skid suitable for roll-tail loading and off-loading.

Name ID Size MAWP Type Mount In/Out Sand Out Flow Rates* Temp Range Certifications  In Stock Price
 CY-5800  20" x 8'  5800 PSI  Cyclonic   L Skid 3" 1502 Hammer Union 3" 1502 Hammer Union 25 MMSCFD / 5500 BBL/D  -20 to 180F  ASME / NACE  in Fab  Call
 CY-10K  24" x 8'  10,000 PSI  Cyclonic   L Skid 3" 1502 Hammer Union 3" 1502 Hammer Union 30 MMSCFD / 6000 BBL/D  -20 to 180F  ASME / NACE  in Fab  Call
 ST-5800  20" x 8'  5800 PSI  Gravity   L Skid 2" 1502 Hammer Union 2" 1502 Hammer Union 10 MMSCFD / 2000 BBL/D  41 to 100F  ASME  YES  $24,900
HF-10K  24" x 8'  10,000 PSI  Gravity   L Skid 3" 1502 Hammer Union 2" 1502 Hammer Union 15 MMSCFD / 3000 BBL/D  -20 to 200F  ASME Div. 2  YES  $59,900

Size is inches OD (Outside Diameter) x shell length s/s (seam-to-seam). So 20" x 8' means it is 20" OD x 8' s/s for the shell, not including heads. Typically an 8' s/s shell means a 10' 5" (or so) t/t (tip-to-tip).

MAWP stands for Maximum Allowed Working Pressure and is expressed in PSI.

Temp Range refers to the minimum and maximum operating temperature of the well flow not the external atmospheric temperature.

*Flow rates are highly variable and can be influenced by many factors including sand separator type, operating pressure, amount of entrained fluids, amount of entrained sand, sand type and size, slugs, and entrained asphaltenes. The flow rates shown above are provided for general guidance only and are not to be considered a guarantee of performance. Flow rates can and will vary. Please call us to discuss your specific flow regime.

Scorpion Sand Separator Features

  • Sacrificial stinger-diverter can be easily removed, inspected, and repaired if sand washing occurs (Gravity type)
  • Dual sand-outs: if primary sand-out clogs, you can shift to other sand-out without shutting in the well (Gravity type)
  • Heavy-duty oilfield skid w/integral ladder (Cyclonic type)
  • ASME inspected and stamped, U1A
  • Registered with the National Board
  • Documentation included: U1A, MTRs, NDE Reports, NACE Certificate, Impact Testing Report, PWHT Chart, and Hydro-test Chart

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